Have you been accused of a crime?

We’re a family firm that’s been defending your rights for more than 50 years — and we can help you, too.

Have you been stopped or arrested?

We protect and defend your rights aggressively and challenge the evidence — and we can help you, too.

Are you facing criminal charges?
We’re a family firm that has a history of proven results for more than 50 years — and we can help you, too.
We’re a family firm that has a history of proven results for more than 50 years — and we can help you, too.

DUI Arrest? Get An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

DUI is one of the most common offenses, but the consequences are uncommonly harsh. The stiff penalties for drunk driving include license suspension and steep fines, and jail time is not unheard of. A conviction can also raise your insurance rates and cause problems with future employment.

Hiring a lawyer who has handled drunk driving cases hundreds of times, both as a defense attorney and in the district attorney’s office, puts experience on your side that could make all the difference. Francis M. Doran, Jr. has defended people of all walks of life facing DUI, DWI and OUI charges.

Contact Doran & Doran, P.C. if you have been arrested or cited for drunk driving in the MetroWest area. Mr. Doran will fight for your driving privileges and clean record.

Take Action After An Arrest For Driving Under The Influence

Law enforcement takes these charges seriously and you need to take action as quickly as possible. One thing is for sure in drunk driving arrests: You do not want your case to linger. You can restore your driving rights through the first offender program, but you have to do so quickly. Francis M. Doran, Jr., can help.

There are a variety of aspects of a DUI case that can be examined, including:

  • The probable cause for the traffic stop
  • Any violations of your civil rights
  • Any violations of police procedure
  • Field sobriety test administration and results
  • Breathalyzer and blood/urine test results

Without fighting your OUI/DUI charges, you may be subject to the full court penalties, along with having your Massachusetts driver’s license suspended. Do not risk your future by taking no action to defend your rights. Under Melanie’s Law, repeat offenses of DUI trigger even harsher punishment. And for drivers under the legal drinking age of 21, you can lose your license for having any alcohol in your system when you are pulled over. Doran & Doran, P.C. has handled every drunk driving scenario.

“As your attorney, I am prepared to act swiftly on your behalf in defending your driving rights.” — Attorney Francis M. Doran, Jr.

It Is Worth Fighting Your DUI

In Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Marlborough and throughout the West Metro in Massachusetts, call criminal defense lawyer Frank Doran at 508-653-1761 or contact us online. There is no charge for the first meeting.

“As your lawyer, I will give you the same service my law firm was founded upon 50 years ago.” - Attorney Frank Doran

Attorney Frank Doran