Have you been accused of a crime?

We’re a family firm that’s been defending your rights for more than 50 years — and we can help you, too.

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We protect and defend your rights aggressively and challenge the evidence — and we can help you, too.

Are you facing criminal charges?
We’re a family firm that has a history of proven results for more than 50 years — and we can help you, too.
We’re a family firm that has a history of proven results for more than 50 years — and we can help you, too.

A Strong Record Of Favorable Outcomes

Below are a sampling of case summaries and results achieved by Doran & Doran, P.C. Learn more about specific practice area case results by following the links below:

  • Drug and alcohol case results include a number of not guilty verdicts, dropped charges, reduced charges and probation agreements that have been achieved for many clients.
  • Restraining orders, violence and assault charges can carry heavy sentences, but at Doran & Doran, P.C. the results achieved include many instances of dropped charges, case dismissals and not guilty verdicts after lack of evidence.
  • Clients charged with trespassing and theft are often left worrying about their records, but Doran & Doran, P.C. managed to get cases dismissed, charges dropped and records expunged or sealed.
  • Registration as a sex offender and restraining orders are the most contentious aspects of sex offense and harassment cases. Doran & Doran, P.C. manages to lift these barriers and secure dismissals and not guilty verdicts for a multitude of clients.

Examples Of Notable Results For Our Clients

Criminal Conduct: Framingham District Court

Client and girlfriend go to hospital for treatment of he epileptic seizures early in morning. Discovering the hospital had no service for this condition, client decides to take girlfriend home, where her condition gets worse. Client then goes tack to hospital and decides again to discharge his girlfriend against medical advice. Doctors at hospital then decide to commit girlfriend to psychiatric ward. Girlfriend, the victim of a childhood rape, sees psychiatric ward and collapses emotionally. 10 Security guards descend on client. In fracas, girlfriend grabs and twists security guard’s testicles. Client charged with 6 counts of criminal conduct. After a 2 day jury trial, client acquitted of all charges.

OUI: Framingham District Court

Client charged with OUI and other motor vehicle offenses after police respond to a local bar on report by staff a drunken individual leaving in a truck owned by a local landscaping company. Police respond to call and identify truck driving in erratic manner. Truck runs over a traffic cone and reaches speeds of 80 mile per hour. Truck takes extreme right turn and driver flees. All of the driving is depicted on the dashboard camera of police c raiser. Client is found 1 hour later in woods after police employ a heat scanner, finding client under a rock. Police observe client unsteady on feet and “reeking” of alcohol. Client is found not guilty of all charges after trial.

Drug Possession: Marlboro District Court

Client, a local business owner, arrested after report of his car weaving all over road. Client is then pulled over by police with a dog jumping all over him and snarling at police. After field sobriety testing, client arrested. Eight bags of heroin are found in brief case on front seat. Case marked for trial. Commonwealth fails to.call a drug recognition expert. Commonwealth also failed to call a chemist to identify conclusively the substance involved as heroin. Attorney Doran’s Motion for a Required Finding of Not Guilty is allowed after the conclusion of the Commonwealth”s case.

Charges Dismissed After Lack Of Probable Cause In Noise Complaint Case: Framingham District Court

Police respond to client’s residence on complaints of a loud party. Police arrive and begin arresting various individuals, waking client up. When client asks why his friends were being arrested police decide to place client under arrest. A substantial struggle ensues in which client receives a black eye. Attorney Doran files a non-evidentiary Motion to Dismiss contending police lacked probable cause to charge client with any crime. After hearing in the Framingham District Court, all charges dismissed.

Charges For Illegal Recording Of Interaction With Police Dismissed: Marlboro District Court

Client pulled over after a random check of his registration revealed to the police his having a suspended license. During the interaction with police officer it was noted client had a recording device around his neck. Police seized the device and searched its contents, revealing the fact client had recorded the entire police encounter. Attorney Doran secures client’s psychiatric records which establish client’s use of the device as medically necessary due to diagnosed mental disorders. As client was charged with illegally recording the encounter with police, Attorney Doran’s presentation convinces prosecutors to dismiss case. The motor vehicle charge was also dismissed because Commonwealth could not establish defendant’s knowing of his suspension.

Case Dismissed After Lack Of Attorney Representation In Grand Jury Trial Is Exposed: Milford District Court

In January 2012 client’s brother, using client’s truck, tragically kills an innocent motorcyclist. Client eventually charged with knowingly loaning a vehicle to an unlicensed driver. Before Attorney Doran became involved in case, client restrained to Milford town boundaries and was placed on a GPS device. Client cooperates with authorities from outset of case yet the Commonwealth would not release client from his pretrial restrictions. Attorney Doran is hired in January of 2013 and begins negotiations with the authorities. Attorney Doran points out client testified in the Grand Jury without a lawyer, making his statements potentially inadmissible. Prosecutors agree to dismiss case after client submits to one final examination.

Case Dismissal After Invasive Search Practices Called Into Question: Brockton District Court

Client charged with numerous narcotics violations after he was searched by local college police when attempting to gain entry into dormitory. Attorney Doran files motion to suppress based on the invasive nature of the search. Client was forced to empty his backpack against his will. Commonwealth offers disposition odd dismissal on court costs. All charges dismissed on 200 dollars court costs on hearing date.

Allegations Of Accident Unfounded, Dismissed Due To Lack Of Evidence: West Roxbury District Court

Client received notice of a claim against her automobile insurance as a result of an alleged accident. Client is a teacher in a Boston public charter school and holds two degrees from Harvard University. Client then receives a citation for leaving the scene of an accident from the court. At Magistrates hearing complaint issues despite no evidence of client’s identity as the driver of the vehicle in the accident. Attorney Doran files a pre-arraignment Motion to Dismiss based on the insufficiency of the evidence. Motion allowed. Moreover, the judge struck any entry on client’s board of probation record.

Charges Dismissed In Multiple Jurisdiction Police Car Chase: Framingham and Milford

Client charged with over ten motor vehicle infractions after leading state police on a multiple jurisdiction car chase. Client allegedly hit another car on route 495, left the scene of that accident, and eventually crashed his car into a tree in Upton. Attorney Doran presents mitigating evidence of client’s recent family problems. Client’s sister had recently been horrifically killed in Kenya. All charges dismissed in Milford. As some of client’s offenses also took place in Framingham jurisdiction, a Clerk’s hearing was mandated. All charges also dismissed in Framingham after hearing.

Probation Violation Removed After Sentence Vacated: Middlesex Superior Court

Client sentenced on a probation violation in August 2010 to 30 months in the house of correction. Client’s family approaches Attorney Doran to explore possibility of getting her released due to her being stricken with breast cancer. Attorney Doran presents evidence of client’s disease to the court and alerts the court client received a sentence beyond the 24 month maximum penalty for the crime charged. Sentence vacated. Client released on date of hearing.

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