Have you been accused of a crime?

We’re a family firm that’s been defending your rights for more than 50 years — and we can help you, too.

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We protect and defend your rights aggressively and challenge the evidence — and we can help you, too.

Have you been accused of a crime?
We’re a family firm that’s been defending your rights for more than 50 years — and we can help you, too.
We’re a family firm that’s been defending your rights for more than 50 years — and we can help you, too.

Choosing The Right Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney Is Crucial

When a young person is charged with a crime, it can immediately become a traumatic and foreboding experience. The most important first step after the criminal charge is to seek guidance from a legal professional who can help not only inform you of your rights, the process, and useful strategies for defense but also guide you through next steps and give you a better understanding of how to overcome this setback.

When it comes to juvenile criminal defense, there are a few important considerations that must be deliberated before deciding on a defense attorney. To learn more about how a juvenile crimes lawyer at Doran & Doran, P.C., can help, call 508-653-1761 for a free consultation.

Two Most Important Considerations When Choosing A Juvenile Defense Attorney

Firstly, you want to secure an attorney who understands the importance of protecting a young person’s future. At Doran & Doran, P.C., Frank Doran works tirelessly to ensure that your case is tried in juvenile court and the defendant is treated as a minor rather than an adult. The juvenile court system allows for protections that the adult criminal system does not. In addition, he works to ensure your record is kept clean, and helps you to pursue at the earliest possible time, petitions for record sealing and expungement.

Secondly, you want to hire an attorney with significant experience defending clients against egregious criminal charges. The juvenile court system in Massachusetts is inconsistent in its punishment of youths, and because of this inconsistency it is important to work with an attorney like Frank Doran who has decades of experience defending hundreds of clients — securing reduced charges, beneficial probation agreements and even case dismissals. An understanding of the system in Massachusetts is the key to securing a positive future.

Common Juvenile Crime Charges

Some of the most common juvenile crime charges are

  • Underage DUI/OUI: these charges apply to young people under the age of 21, and therefore individuals in the 18-20 range are in a unique situation where they are both legal adults and minors. Knowing how to handle these delicate cases while protecting your future is paramount.
  • Fake ID: This charge is often related to underage drinking, though the mere possession of a fake ID is a punishable offense. You could be charged with a felony or imprisoned for up to five years and even be subjected to a license suspension.
  • Drug crimes: Possession, distribution and even prescription drugs charges could have an impact not only on your criminal record, but also on your ability to stay in school, hold a job or secure good housing later in life.
  • Theft: Shoplifting is a common juvenile criminal offense, and even something as small as pocketing lip gloss can end in a hefty fine. Depending on the value of the goods stolen, punishments could range from $250 fine to a multiyear jail sentence.

The attorneys at Doran & Doran, P.C., can also help youths with criminal defense strategies for charges such as assault, battery, property damage, or sex crimes as well as the litany of charges listed above.

Work With A Lawyer Who Takes Your Case Seriously

Want to learn more about the many decades of experience defending clients charged with crimes? Review some of the case results achieved by Doran & Doran, P.C., including dropped charges and case dismissals. Get in touch with our firm today to schedule your free consultation.

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