License Suspended? Seek Legal Counsel Regarding Reinstatement.

If you have been charged and convicted of drunk driving or if you are a repeat traffic offender, a driver's license suspension can make getting to work and earning an income impossible.

At the Massachusetts law firm of Doran & Doran, P.C., Francis M. Doran, Jr., an attorney with 25 years of experience, has found that most driver's license suspensions can be terminated a lot more quickly than what the Registry of Motor Vehicles says. Consideration can sometimes be made during your hearing regarding abstinence from drugs or other demonstrations of "good behavior."

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Protect And Defend Your Right To Drive

A hardship license or partial reinstatement of your driver's license may be available to you. A hardship license will allow you to drive to and from work. Because it limits your hours, in Massachusetts, it is sometimes referred to as a "Cinderella license."

In cases of habitual traffic offenders, in certain OUI cases and in other criminal traffic or registry offenses, you should be eligible for a hardship license. However, if you are a drunk driving repeat offender, it is more complicated, and a lawyer with experience standing at your side at the hearing can make all the difference.

Talk About Your Options With A Lawyer

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