Don't Let Anger Rule Your Domestic Dispute Case

With 25 years of experience in handling assault and battery cases, attorney Francis M. Doran, Jr., has seen that most of these cases emanate from a domestic situation. Cases of domestic violence are sensitive and difficult for all involved. Your judgment may have been clouded by the fact that you were angry. The accusations against you may have been exaggerated because your spouse or family member was angry.

It is crucial that you speak with an attorney immediately, before making a statement to the police. Anything said can be used as part of the case against you, regardless of whether your spouse or other family member decides to testify against you in court.

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Serious Support In Your Spousal Or Domestic Abuse Case

In many cases, local Massachusetts police departments have a "mandatory arrest" rule. This means that when police are called to a home on charges of domestic violence, the police will arrive intending to arrest the person they determine to be the most responsible.

Once either spouse is arrested, the alleged victim does not always have the power to drop charges. After arraignment on charges of domestic violence, the district attorney has control of the case and many are unlikely to dismiss the case.

Let's figure out what your options are:

  • In Massachusetts only, there is a legal mechanism available called accord and satisfaction. It can be used to quickly resolve minor civil matters and can facilitate the dismissal of minor criminal charges where both the victim and defendant agree.
  • While many states have similar provisions for resolving misdemeanor cases, Massachusetts remains the only state in the country in which this device is employed to dismiss criminal domestic violence cases.
  • In addition, there are many avenues for alleged victims to drop or dismiss charges if the victim changes his or her mind about the arrest. The Fifth Amendment can even be utilized, in which a wife is not required to testify against her husband, partner or significant other.

Take Care Of Your Restraining Order

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