Trespassing And Theft Cases

Larceny Charges Dismissed: June, Framingham District Court

Clients stopped leaving a retail store and were charged with Larceny over 250 dollars. Attorney Doran presents to Magistrate evidence of recent tumultuous events in clients' lives prompting their aberrant behavior. All charges dismissed at Clerk's hearing.

Theft Charges Dismissed In Tag Switching Case: April, Natick District Court

Clients, two sisters, arrested at local store after switching tags on numerous items. One client is a student at a local college. The other is an employee of a large financial firm. Attorney Doran presents evidence of clients' recent loss of their mother to explain their inappropriate behavior. All charges dismissed at Clerk's hearing.

Shoplifting Charges Dismissed After Unclear Video Evidence: February, Framingham District Court

Client charged with stealing key ring from luxury goods store. Key ring found in client's car. Attorney Doran subpoenas store security video to court. Video unclear as to client's actually taking item as opposed to store clerk's putting item into her bag of legitimately purchased goods. Case dismissed at pre-trial conference.

Shoplifting Case Dismissed Due To Stress: February, Framingham District Court

Client apprehended at Natick Collection after store video captured her carrying items outdoor of store without payment. Attorney Doran presents evidence of client's stress-related issues leading to her poor choice. Case dismissed at Clerk's hewing.

Breaking And Entering Charges Dismissed After Codefendant's Confession: August, Worcester District Court

Client arrested after fleeing from scene of house break. Police observed indices of an attempted breaking and entering. Residents of the area describe client and the car in which he was driving. Client charged with five felonies. Attorney Doran presents evidence of codefendant's confession, not contained in the report of police investigation, to the District Attorney's office. All charges dismissed on the second court date.

Record Sealed After Employee Theft Scheme Conviction: April, Marlboro District Court

In 1997 client admitted to participating in a scheme to steal from his employer, receiving a continuance without a finding as a disposition from the court. Client now is a bank executive working at a national financial firm. Client hires attorney Doran to seal his record. The 15 year felony period for sealing a conviction has not expired. Nonetheless, attorney Doran convinces court to allow a petition to seal record, stressing one-time nature of offense and client's community involvement since the time of his arrest.

Psychiatric Defense In Shoplifting Case: December, Framingham District Court

Client, an immigrant from India, charged with shoplifting after store security observed her taking over 200 dollars worth of merchandise through exit door. Attorney Doran presents evidence of client's psychiatric condition. Case dismissed at Magistrate's hearing.

Employee Theft Case Dismissed: October, Framingham District Court

Client, a wife of a soldier serving in Iraq, arrested at the store at which she was employed for theft. Attorney Doran presents evidence of her clinical depression at clerk's hearing. Case dismissed.

Charges Dismissed In Stolen Bus Ticket Case: July, Dedham District Court

College student charged with receiving stolen property, allegedly 500 bus tickets from the student union worth close to 1,500 dollars. College conducts hearing at student disciplinary panel at which client was found in violation of student code. Clerk Magistrate dismisses all charges after attorney Doran presents proof the client could not possibly have known the tickets were stolen.

Breaking And Entering Charges Dismissed: May, Wrentham District Court

Client charged with breaking and entering her former home, now the property of the foreclosing bank. Attorney Doran presents court evidence of flaws in foreclosure process, which suggest the bank did not own the home. All charges dismissed.